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Urban Poling, also referred to as Nordic Walking, is a new and revolutionary physical activity that cleverly combines the physical benefits of walking and cross country skiing. 


The number 1 sport that is gaining popularity.


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Health Benefits

ü  Full Body Work-Out; combines the upper body technique of X-country skiing with the lower body technique of walking


ü  Exercises 90% of your body muscles including the core


ü  Burns 26 to 47% more calories than ordinary walking


ü  Take damaging stress off joints, hips, knees and ankles


ü  Increased cardio work-out


ü  Fun, Safe for all Ages, Easy for all fitness levels


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Nordic walking is an all-year-round activity!


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Urban poling is an easy, accessible & affordable for you!


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Nordic walking is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


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Nordic Walking is more fun than regular walking!


Exerstrider Urban Poles

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4LIFE (Limited Edition)




Urban Poling brings out the social butterfly in you!


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Silvana DiGaetano, Certified Urban Poling Instructor

AFCA, SPRA, OKO and Fitness Canada


Here’s a few positive words from Silvana:

“Nordic walking is something that people of all ages and fitness levels can take part in. People can learn and progress at their own speed” explain Silvana Digaetano, a certified urban poling instructor.

“Nordic Walking is really a whole body workout. It’s a lot easier than going to the gym and paying for all kinds of different equipment,” explained Digaetano.

 “I like to walk and I like the outdoors. This sport really is the best of both worlds” says Digaetano

Urban Poling really is a great way to stay active and meet new people. “It really is a social outing. You get to spend time with friends and work out while you do it,” added Digaetano.

The sport of Urban Poling is a fun and easy activity for all ages.  It is a sport that is gaining momentum because it’s easy, fun, low impact and a convenient way, to increase the health benefits of traditional walking.  It is a full-body cardio-muscular exercise that engages the arms, back, stomach, and legs.  This combination promotes circulation, corrects breathing, burns more calories that walking alone, develops total body co-ordination and improves posture: All in a dynamic way that promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Taught by certified

Urban Poling Instructors

AFCA, SPRA, OKO and Fitness Canada


Services also available:


·  Private Lessons

·  Lunch and learn

·  Personalized Programs (seniors, schools/after-4

  programs, teens, etc.)


Courses include:


Pole for the Sole, has developed a fully integrated urban pole walking program to enhance the benefits of traditional walking and essentially turns Nordic walking into a workout! The Program is broken down into two levels (beginner and intermediate), with each level introducing a new technique(s) that will make the walk more challenging and fun. The two levels (more to come!) will also enable Nordic walkers of all levels to participate and enjoy the program.


Day One:


          Introduction and history of urban poling

          Demonstration by certified instructor(s)

          Individualized step-by-step instruction

          20 minute group walking session

          10 minute cool down and stretching session


Consequent course nights:

The night consists of 20 to 30 minute seminar followed by a group walk of varying lengths and speeds.!


Course bonus:

Saturday practice and walk club (a non instructional day!)



2010 Summer Classes are here…
The cost of the Nordic walking classes are as follow:


Tuesday’s.....starts June 15 to July 27......7 weeks


Classes are being held in the back parking lot of Red Lobster, Merivale Road
Thursday’s....starts June 10 to July 29.....7 weeks


Both days  $55.
Saturday’s....starts June 12 to July 31......8 weeks
Saturday and 1 other day (Tues or Thurs) $70
All 3 days $80.
We have poles for sale $90.00 plus tax....our poles sell at other stores eg. Bushtukah/Trailhead/Mountain....for $99.00 and up.
We also rent poles for the classes.....$20.   for the 7/8 weeks.....given out before classes and returned after class.
If you need any more information please do not hesitate to ask.
Silvana and Kendra
Certified Urban Poling Instructor

AFCA, SPRA, OKO and Fitness Canada